The head of the Scarlet Libra Guild, the Great Merchant Krasen, welcomes you, adventurer!

Paraparakotas have returned to the servers and are ready to please travelers again. Zelen will tell you about amazing secret knowledge, Cheren will amaze you with her blacksmithing skills, cutie Rose will show her experiments with paints, and the Blue Escort Soldier will thank everyone for their help who helps protect the Guild.

The time of the event is permanent!


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For convenience, the Event was moved to the Community alt+b, in the Events section

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Great Merchant Krasen:

  • Krasen will offer to Buy the Stone of Fate for 50,000 Gold Einhasad and 20 Coins of Luck.
  • Using a stone, you can change the main class of a character without losing a level and without taking into account the character's archetype, i.e. you can change the archer to a mage, etc.
  • One Destiny Stone = one main class change.
  • The Stone of Fate only changes the main class, not the dual one!
  • To change class, a cloak of the current class is required.
  • List of restrictions when changing class:
    • all skills of the current main class, including improved (sharpened) ones, are deleted when changing class. You need to relearn all the skills;
    • When changing class, the unique skill Ride the Silver Dragon is removed
    • when changing class, the Forgotten Power skills are retained;
    • Dual class certification skills are retained when changing class;
    • when changing class, the skills of the clan, Nobleman and Honorary Nobleman are retained;
    • when changing class and removing all previous skills, SP is not compensated;
    • Artei can choose any class, not even the class of the Artei race;
    • Artey classes are available only to Arteys themselves;
    • the Tyr Master class is available only to Dwarves;
    • the Despot Isa class is available only to Orcs;
    • Death Knight class is not available;
    • the Death Knight class cannot choose any other class;
    • when changing class, the character must be in the main class state;
    • you cannot change the main class in a state of transformation or with a summoned pet or servant, or if you exceed the weight limit or inventory cells;
    • the character's current primary class must not be the same as his dual class;
    • the character must be Reborn and at least level 85;
    • the character should not be a Hero/Legend or be in the status of waiting for a Hero/Legend;
    • the number of Olympics points is reset to 1000;
    • Runes for 1st and 2nd places at the Olympics will be removed.
  • The changed main class will remain the same as it was at the end of the event. Be careful and choose the right class, because... After the event it will not be possible to change it! 
  • You can change your class at Eratona in Aden!

Craftsman Cheren:

The Scarlet Libra Guild is famous for its jacks of all trades, Cheren is rightfully considered the best of them. He works with the beautiful weapons of the Scarlet Libra Guild. No one in the world knows how to make and repair weapons better than him. He is a master of his craft.

Cheren offers various weapon exchange options:
Weapon exchange R-R110, Dragon 1,2,3,4 Lv., Bloody Zarich and Akamana, Kelbim Weapon, Freya Weapon, Divine Armor.

Cheren can also craft the Seven Deadly Sins weapon for 24 hours. Weapon characteristics cannot be enhanced.

Weapon cost - 1 Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R).
Please note: the artisan only accepts blessed modification scrolls; event and other special scrolls will not work.

Leviathan Armor Exchange:

  • Cheren is able to change the upper and lower part of the Leviathan armor (R110): heavy to light, magical and vice versa. Only Reinforced and Ultimate armor are available for exchange.
  • The armor modification value is retained, but the modified appearance is reset.

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Divine Armor Exchange:

  • Cheren is able to change parts of the Divine Armor: heavy to light, magical and vice versa.
  • The armor modification value is retained, but the modified appearance is reset.
  • The exchange cost is 250 Elsium.

Grocer Rose:
The most beautiful and charming member of the Scarlet Libra Guild, Grocer  Rose loves to experiment with colors.

Grocer Rose buys the usual transferable types of dyes:  Giant Dyes, Ancient Dyes  and  Legendary Dyes . In exchange for paints, cutie Rose offers a special solution called  Rudy .

The table below provides a complete list of paints available for exchange:


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Rose offers the specified amount of Rudy  for 1 piece.  any of the above paints.

In addition, the grocer exchanges Rudy for  Giant Paints Lv. 5 or Legendary Paint Lv. 1. , obtained during the most complex experiments in Elysium. For 1320 pcs. Rudy or 3650 pcs. Rudi  has a certain chance of getting one of the following paints:




When exchanging, you can receive  a random set  of paint.

  • You can replenish supplies at Rose's Grocer:

Scroll of Good Luck of the Scarlet Libra Guild -  Cost 250 Gold Einhasad.
Elysium Restoration Potion -  Cost 20 Gold Einhasad.
High Quality Skill Power Talisman  Critical Power. Skill Atk - Cost 5000 Gold Einhasad.
High Quality Elemental Attack Talisman  Critical Power. Atk. for normal attacks - Cost 5000 Gold Einhasad.
Talisman of Cooldown Time for High Quality Skills  P. Def./Mag. Def. - Cost 5000 Gold Einhasad.

Additional Information:

  • The entire event system is located in the Community alt+b.
  • All trade transactions are irreversible - carefully check the value of the goods and the likelihood of exchange before starting a transaction!
  • All goods of Scarlet Libra Guild members are not subject to local tax, so the price will remain fixed throughout the event.
  • Trading Rudy for Paints from NPC Rose is random: you can receive a random set of Paints.