Links to the patch were updated on January 31, 2023

We recommend it! every Tuesday, update the client with an Updater.


1.) Download and install the client
To play on the server you need the client of the game Lineage 2 Master Class 3 - 388 protocol.

Our game client is designed for two languages ​​English and Russian.

In the system_ru/l2.exe folder for the Russian-language launch of the game.

In the system_en / l2.exe folder for the English-language launch of the game.

Download a fully prepared client for the game Lineage 2 Master Class 3
2.) Download and install the patch
If you encounter errors while unzipping the patch, reinstall the archiver!
Unzip the patch to the root folder of the game and run the FreGame.exe updater to update the game client to the latest updates.
If you already have a lineage 2 Master Class 3 client , then you just need to download our patch and run the FreGame.exe updater to check your game client and update all the necessary files.

Download  Russian patch + updater for playing on the server!
2_1.) Download Updater
Download separately updater for Lineage 2 Master Class 3 388 protocol client.
3.) Register an account It
remains only to register an account.
If none of these methods of downloading the game client suits you and you need another way, or you need help installing and configuring the game, then contact technical support on the  forum .