User Agreement:
Agreement on the terms of use of information - FreGame.RU
This Agreement is intended to regulate the relationship between the user and the copyright holder of the Internet portal FreGame.RU

1. Terms used.
2. Subject of the Agreement.
3. The procedure for the entry into force of the Agreement.
4. Rights and obligations of the parties
4.1 User rights.
4.2 User Responsibilities.
4.3 The user has no rights.
4.4 Operator Rights.
4.5 Responsibilities of the Operator.
4.6 Limitation of Operator's liability.
4.7 The operator does not guarantee.
4.8 Donation.
5. Privacy and security.
6. Additional Paid Services.
7. Disclaimer of Warranties
8. Additional Provisions.
9. No black market
10. Fines
11. Rules for communication in public chats
12. Rules for filing complaints against players

1. Terms used:
The Operator is the copyright holder of the FreGame.RU portal and is a party to the User Agreement. The operator carries out administration and maintenance, provides users with access to the portal, services (also paid services), under the terms of this agreement. User is an individual who visits the portal or takes part in projects of the FreGame.RU portal. The User, as well as the Operator, is a party to the Agreement. Portal – special software and hardware systems located on the Operator’s resources. User access to the portal is provided only by the Operator. All rights to use this portal belong exclusively to the Operator. Website - a site located on the Internet at FreGame.RU Services - providing Users with access to the Portal, use of opportunities and services, participation in projects on the terms specified in the Agreements. The Operator's services are provided free of charge. The only exceptions are Additional Paid Services. All Services are provided by the operator only within the Portal, i.e. during its use by the User. Additional Paid Services - provision to the User of additional special features of the Portal for a fee. These services are not mandatory and are provided at the request of the User. Paid Services are also provided by the Operator exclusively within the Portal.

2. Subject of the Agreement:
2.1. Providing by the Operator access to the Portal (Services, Services, Paid Services) to an unlimited number of persons, under the terms of this Agreement.
2.2. The User understands that the main goal of the portal projects is to organize by the Operator leisure and entertainment that is in no way related to gambling.

3. The procedure for the entry into force of the Agreement
3.1. From the moment of acceptance of this Agreement, the User has the rights and fulfills the obligations specified in the text of this Agreement.
3.2. The User accepts and agrees to the terms of this Agreement by registering on the website: FreGame.RU. The fact of acceptance means the User’s full and unconditional agreement with all the terms and applications of this Agreement.
3.3. If the User for any reason does not agree with the terms or applications of this Agreement, he is obliged to stop further use of the Site.
3.4. The Site can be used only after the User accepts this Agreement.
3.5. By accepting this Agreement, the User confirms his legal capacity and right to enter into this Agreement. The operator is not obliged to verify the data specified by the user during registration.
3.6. If in order to use the information and entertainment portal FreGame.RU or participate in portal projects it is necessary to create an account (hereinafter referred to as the “Account”), then the User must go through the registration process, providing the Operator with current, complete and accurate information (including email address) in the appropriate form. If messages about participation in affiliate programs are posted on the FreGame.RU portal, the registered User has the right to participate in contests, sweepstakes, competitions on the FreGame.RU partner website.

4. Rights and obligations of the parties:
4.1. User Rights In accordance with this agreement, the User has the right to: Use the Portal only for personal, non-commercial purposes. Use all services and resources (including Additional Paid Services) provided by the Operator. If necessary, use the technical support of the sites, contact the Operator if you have any questions, via contact information or the feedback form. Use the site free of charge (excluding the provision of Additional Paid Services) and participate in Portal projects.

4.2. User Responsibilities:
Complying with the terms of this agreement, the User is obliged to: Provide accurate information when registering on the Site. Independently take all necessary measures to ensure effective security of your personal account. Do not provide access to it to third parties. If necessary, at the request of the Operator, provide confirmation of your personal data specified on the Site at the time of registration. Follow the instructions of the Operator within this Portal. Do not violate the copyright and intellectual property rights of the Operator located on its Portal. Comply with all terms and conditions of this Agreement without limitation. The User undertakes to use the Portal solely for entertainment purposes, without seeking any benefit from the Portal.

4.3. The User does not have the right:
Using the Operator's Portal, the User does not have the right to: Use errors (bugs) of the site and services of the Portal, not be authorized to gain access to the general database, computer system, or change the program code. The User is prohibited from using malicious programs that can harm the Portal, as well as special software that gives him superiority over other users. If such and similar violations are detected, the Operator has the right to apply penalties to the User, including banning access to sites and deleting an account. Restrict access to sites of other Users. Engage in fraud and other illegal activities. Advertise anything unrelated to the Portal without the written permission of the Operator. Use profanity, express threats against the Operator or other Users, distribute materials promoting violence, racial hatred, hostility to religious beliefs, containing pornographic information, advertising drugs, calling for the violent overthrow of government. Conduct anti-advertising of the Portal, including outside of them. The User agrees that his rights and obligations may be changed/added by the Operator, of which he is notified using the contact information specified during registration (or on the Site)

4.4. Rights of the Operator:
This Agreement provides the Operator with the following rights: At any time, at its own discretion, unilaterally without prior notice to Users, expand, change, terminate, limit the provision of Services, as well as Additional Paid Services. Manage all processes on the Portals solely at your own discretion. Suspend or change the course of any processes without notifying the User in advance. Apply sanctions to the User in case of violations of this Agreement. Delete/change User information posted on the Portals. Track, save identification and statistical information about the User. Send to Users technical, advertising and other information regarding the Portal, Services and Paid Services. Inform, warn, make comments, notify the User in case of non-compliance/violation of the terms of this Agreement. All instructions of the Operator must be strictly followed. Take legal measures to protect your intellectual and copyright property. Modify, change, supplement the Portal at your own discretion, without warning the User in advance. The Operator's inaction regarding violations of this Agreement by the User does not preclude the application of penalties later.

4.5. Responsibilities of the Operator:
As a party to the User Agreement, the Operator is obliged to: Ensure that the User can receive Operator Services within this Portal (including receiving Additional Paid Services). Answer questions from Users, and if disputes arise, take all measures to resolve them.

4.6. Limitation of liability of the Operator:
In accordance with this section, the Operator is not responsible for: Any damage caused or that may be caused to the User’s personal data and computer in connection with the use of the Portal and the Site. Losses (direct/indirect) caused to the User in connection with the use or inaccessibility of the Portal (impossibility of using them), the behavior of third parties on the Portal, as well as other participants in Portal projects, unauthorized access to the User’s personal data. Statements, disseminated information, statements by the User and other illegal actions carried out by him on the Portal and beyond. Information provided by the User during registration, lost ability to access the Portal (login, password, etc.). Loss by the User of acquired virtual values ​​as a result of the provision of Services and Additional Paid Services by the Operator. Payment by the User for Additional Paid Services and related expenses. Uninterrupted operation of the Portal. User capabilities related to Internet access and data transfer speed.

4.7. The Operator does not guarantee:
Continuous, reliable, error-free operation of the Portal, access to its resources, Services, including Additional Paid Services. The fact that the Portal will fully satisfy the requirements and ideas of the User. Compliance of the quality of the Services provided (Additional Paid Services) with the User’s expectations. The Operator is not obliged, at the User's request, to provide documents and other evidence indicating a violation (by the User) of this Agreement and the application of punitive/disciplinary sanctions against him. The User uses the Portal and the Operator's Website solely at his own risk, of his own free will, without coercion. He understands the possible risks associated with the use of the Operator’s resources and has no material claims against the Operator.

4.8. Donation:
You don't buy anything and we don't sell anything. You help the server to the extent that the server can help you. The exchange is recognized as equivalent and is considered charity. Therefore, we do not accept any claims regarding safety, quality, or guarantees. We do not give any guarantees. If you DO NOT agree with the above, please leave this page immediately.

5. Confidentiality and security:
5.1. Confidential information – information received by the operator during the User registration process on the Site, as well as during visiting the Sites/Portal and participating in Portal events.
5.2. Confidential information is not subject to disclosure or transfer to third parties.
5.3. Personal data can be transferred by the Operator only in the following cases: An official request from law enforcement agencies (violation of local and international law). Personal expression of the User's will. Inability to use the Services and Additional Paid Services on the Portals (of which the User is warned in advance). Violations of clauses of this Agreement (at the discretion of the Operator).
5.4. The operator ensures the security of the user's personal data using special software. In the event of unauthorized access to the Portal/Site by third parties, the security of personal data is not guaranteed.

6. Additional Paid Services:
6.1. At the User's request, the operator provides him with Additional Paid Services. They allow you to use the advanced capabilities of the Portal.
6.2. Additional Paid Services are not a prerequisite for using the Portal and participating in Portal projects.
6.3. From the moment the Portal Operator debits funds from the User’s account, the additional Paid Service is considered provided in full and of proper quality.
6.4. After the provision of an Additional Paid Service, the money spent on its purchase is non-refundable.
6.5. The User agrees that the Operator has the right to store personal information received when purchasing Additional Paid Services.
6.6. The list of Additional Paid Services and their cost are published only by the Operator on the Site/Portal. Any information and offers to purchase these services on third-party resources are considered fraud, for which the Operator is not responsible.
6.7. The methods and possibility of purchasing Additional Paid Services are explained by the Operator on the Site.
6.8. The Operator does not provide explanations on the issues of working with payment systems with which the User decided to purchase Additional Paid Services, and is also not responsible for their correct operation.
6.9. In the event of a technical malfunction of the Sites or intentional actions of the User, as well as in other cases when Additional Paid Services were provided without full/partial debiting of funds from the User’s account, he is obliged to inform the Operator about this fact. After this, the User is obliged to repay the resulting debt.
6.10. The Operator does not refund money to the User for unused (partially used) Additional Paid Services.
6.11. The User, at his own expense, independently bears all financial expenses associated with the purchase (transfer of money) of Additional Paid Services. This section includes: commissions, fees and other expenses.
6.12. The User guarantees to the Operator that he has all legal powers and rights to enter into this Agreement regarding Additional Paid Services.
6.13. If Additional Paid Services are purchased by a User under 18 years of age, he must first obtain consent to conduct a financial transaction from his legal representatives. The fact of purchasing Additional Paid Services is confirmation of receipt of such consent from the legal representative. If necessary, the Operator has the right to request written confirmation of consent and the provision of passport data to determine the User’s true age.
6.14. Responsibility for the purchase of Additional Paid Services rests entirely with the User and his legal representatives.
6.15. Disputes regarding liability for the purchase of Additional Paid Services with the Portal Operator are unacceptable.
6.16. The user can receive additional Paid Services only after full payment of their cost.

7. Disclaimer of warranties:

8. Additional provisions:
8.1. If the User does not have the right to use the Portal in accordance with the legislation of his country or there are other restrictions (age restrictions, etc.), he is obliged to refuse to use the Portal, as well as their individual services, without warning. The User assumes all responsibility for using the Portal in his/her country, based on local laws and taking into account international legislation.
8.2. The invalidity of one/several clauses/sections of the User Agreement does not entail its invalidity as a whole. In this case, the parties must fulfill their obligations under the remaining clauses/sections of the Agreement.
8.3. Disputes arising between the parties are subject to initial settlement out of court, through correspondence between the Operator and the User. If mediation dispute resolution is ineffective, they will be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
8.4. This Agreement may be changed and supplemented by the Operator without prior notice to the User. Any changes take effect immediately upon publication of the amended version of the Agreement on the Site. To avoid the emergence of controversial issues, the User undertakes to independently check the text of the Agreement on the Site, where it is freely available. In case of failure to check the text of the Agreement on the part of the User, this fact cannot serve as a basis for refusal to fulfill the obligations assumed. The amended version of the Agreement after publication on the Site has the same legal force as the original text.

Privacy Policy
1. Terms used
When downloading, installing, registering, accessing and any other way of using the Service, you fully accept the terms of this Policy and express your specific consent to the processing of your data in the manner and for the purposes as described in this document. If you do not agree with this Policy, please do not download, install or otherwise use the Service. The Service Administration has the right to change or supplement this Policy from time to time without prior written notice to users. You should periodically review any changes or additions made to it. If you continue to use the Service after making changes to this document, you confirm your acceptance of the new version of the Policy.

2. Purposes of processing user data
Data is provided by users in connection with the conclusion of a User Agreement with the Administration.
- When creating an account on our website or on any Server associated with it;
- When participating in testing additional gaming services or Service updates;
- When participating in in-game promotions, competitions and other similar events;
- When sending requests, letters or making other types of contacts with the Service Administration;
- When using additional, special services within the Game.
Your data is processed for the following purposes (without limitation):
- Providing the ability to create and subsequently use and manage a user account on the Service;
- Participation in the Game and access to gaming opportunities that are provided for in the Game scenario;
- Interaction with other users;
- Correcting errors, developing new gaming features and services;
- Interaction with Users to receive comments regarding the Service, provide support to Users, send notifications and other important messages regarding the Service;
- Reception, processing and verification of payments;
- Providing technical support;
- Information about future events related to the Service, their updates and other similar events.

3. Data about users collected and processed by the Service.
The data that the Service collects and processes may include (but is not limited to):
- Name, nickname (character nickname);
- User ID (login or user ID);
- E-mail address;
- Payment information, etc.

4. Other data collected and processed by the Service.
In order to provide quality services, the Service collects and processes additional non-individual data. Such data includes:
- Unique user device identifier (HWID) and parameters of the software used;
- Operating system version, device type and hardware identifiers;
- Timezone;
- Information about the user’s actions on the Service and directly in the Game (logs of game actions, actions on the Service, in-game achievements, time spent in the Game, time of the last login to the Game, information about logins to the Game, etc.). The Service may collect information about your IP address and information about the geographic location of the device from which you access the Service and Servers in order to provide you with services and information available for the relevant territory in which you are located.

5. Data storage.
The data storage period is the period during which related gaming services are provided (according to the longest period).

6. Use. Distribution and transmission of data.
The Service may combine (merge, splice) and use combined user data with other information (including other data collected by the Service, as defined in Section 4 of this Policy) to provide, manage and develop the Game. In addition, your data may be provided in the following cases:
- When necessary to comply with the law, for example, investigating cases of payment fraud and any other illegal activity;
- When there is reasonable suspicion of a potential or existing violation of the rights of the Service;

7. Other obligations of the parties.
The user is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the data provided by him. If there are inconsistencies or incorrectness in the data you provide, they must be changed, including by contacting technical support specialists. The Administration of the Service reserves the right, when deleting or changing user data, to store the data that is necessary for the purposes of compliance with applicable law, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the Service and the Game.

9. No to the black market
Friends, we remind you that  buying, selling for real money  or  exchanging game values ​​for foreign non-game items is strictly prohibited.  The buyer and seller are permanently blocked, items are deleted, and access from the computer is limited. Due to the increasing incidence of fraud on the black market, we are announcing the following promotion: 

Be the first to report an attempt to sell game valuables for rubles and receive one of the seller’s items that he tried to sell.
  • Prohibited:  inciting players to commit illegal transactions.
  • A violation message must be sent exclusively to the ticket system (Technical Support), attaching a screenshot;  
  • An attempt to sell is considered to be the transfer of a discussion of a potential transaction to out-of-game chats (Skype, RK, VKontakte, ICQ);    
  • We consider as an attempt on RMT a message about a sale for real currency, an indication of the cost of an item in rubles or a designation of any payment system;    
  • We guarantee to reward the first person to report the violation with any item the seller tried to sell. If the item sold was Gold/Adena, then you will receive 25% of the offender’s coins;  
  • We reward only the first player who sent us a screenshot of the violation, game nicknames, server and a short background of the transaction;  
  • When selecting an item with an attribute or inserted medicinal properties, these properties of the item will not be transferred to you;
  • Non-tradable items cannot be selected as rewards;
  • All expensive items that were in possession at the time of capture are canceled from the seller.
  • Players who were previously blocked for RMT receive a standard reward in the form of Gold Coins.
  • The administration has the right to refuse to issue a reward to a player without giving reasons.

 10. Fines

  • For using software or a bot, the fine is (1 Time = 100 Luck Coins or Ban for 1 month).
  • For using software or a bot, the fine is (2 Times = 300 Luck Coins or Ban for 2 months).
  • For using software or a bot, the fine is (3 Times = 500 Luck Coins or Ban for 3 months).
  • For using software or a bot, the fine is (4 Times = 1000 Luck Coins or Ban for 4 months).
  • For using software or a bot, the fine is (5 Times = 2000 Luck Coins or Ban for 5 months).
  • For using software or a bot, the fine is (+6 Times = 2000 Luck Coins or Ban for 6 months).
  • For using bugs on the server - (1 Time = 10 Luck Coins or Ban for 1 Day).
  • For using bugs on the server - (2 Times = 30 Luck Coins or Ban for 3 Days).
  • For using bugs on the server - (3 Times = 50 Luck Coins or Ban for 5 Days).
  • For using bugs on the server - (4 Times = 100 Luck Coins or Ban for 10 Days).
  • For using bugs on the server - (5 Times = 200 Luck Coins or Ban for 20 Days).
  • For using bugs on the server - (+6 Times = 300 Luck Coins or Ban for 30 Days).
  • For catching a player in RMT by the administrator - (1 Time = 1000 Coins of Luck or Ban for 6 months).
  • For catching a player in RMT by the administrator - (2 Times = 2000 Luck Coins or Ban for 7 months).
  • For catching a player in RMT by the administrator - (3 Times = 3000 Luck Coins or Ban for 8 Months).
  • For catching a player in RMT by the administrator - (4 Times = 4000 Luck Coins or Ban for 9 Months).
  • For catching a player in RMT by the administrator - (5 Times = 5000 Luck Coins or Ban for 12 Months).
  • For catching a player in RMT by an administrator - (+6 Times = Ban forever).

 11. Fines

Moderator responsibilities:

  • Monitor the absence of violations in moderated chats;
  • Establish punishments according to the list of violations (without discounts for clans, Soalians, friends) ;
  • In case of any conflict of interest (personal conversation, swearing), redirect the work to another moderator;
  • The title of moderator does not give any privileges; the moderator must obey the same rules as other players.
  • In cases of violation by the moderator, any player can write a ticket on the forum, in the technical section.

List of violations and duration of chat ban:

  • Flood (repetition of one or more similar phrases) - 24 hours;
  • Threats, insults, provocations - 24 hours, to everyone who took part;
  • Publishing NSFW content (pornography, shock content) - Ban;
  • Advertising other servers - Ban;
  • Insulting the administration, support - Ban;
  • Discussion of politics, religion - Ban;
  • Destructive (negative and destructive statements about the game and the project that can lead to negative consequences) - 7 days;
  • White list of links that are allowed for posting in chats:,,,,,,,,

Prohibited (guaranteed ban ) :

  • Discussion of any actions of the administration;
  • Tell administrators that this is not in the rules.

 12. Rules for filing complaints against players

1. You need to register an account on the forum ( Link )

2. Find the technical section ( Link )

3. Create a topic. Theme description:

  1. Your nickname:
  2. Nickname of the offender:
  3. Description of the violation:
  4. Attached evidence:

Screenshots are accepted only regarding violations in the chat.
(Exception: violations for which punishment is due to account blocking)

Complaints will not be accepted:
With screenshots of only part of the screen.
With blurred or cropped videos.
With video recordings of the chat.
With videos that have no nicknames.
If the offender's nickname is not specified.
With any kind of insult or obscene language.
3rd party complaint.
If the video is > 60 seconds, then the time of the violation must be indicated.
If more than 3 days have passed since the violation.
If the author asks for money to delete the complaint.
For violating the rules, the author of the video will also be punished.
A complaint from a 3rd person applies only in the situation of a repeated complaint in order to deceive the administration and punish the player again.
When filing a complaint, it is prohibited to delete the evidence attached to the complaint/edit the complaint after issuing a punishment within a week - Punishment: From blocking a forum account up to blocking a game account.
The account will not be blocked if no actions were taken with the violating player (Transfer of currency, sale /purchase of property/items). Instead of blocking, a punishment of a lower severity level will be issued (Chat blocking, De-Morgan).

I remind you!!! All complaints and violations are only accepted through a ticket on the forum! There is no need to PM me on Discord or call me, respect your time and mine.