Crossing off days on a calendar is much more enjoyable if it is a calendar with gifts!
Log into the game every day and receive your prize - from consumables for leveling up. Hurry up to collect them all


Time: Constant.

Characters will receive rewards every day when logging into the game. Each new day will bring you a new reward. You can monitor the progress of the event in a special “Calendar” window. It opens automatically when you first enter the game.

To receive a reward, double-click on the reward icon in the event window. After receiving the reward, the item icon will change to a red seal - this means that the reward has been successfully received. Please note: rewards are only available to one character per account once per day. In this case, you can choose which account character to receive the reward, for example, character A will receive reward No. 1, and character B will receive reward No. 2.

If you accidentally closed the event window without receiving the item, you can reopen it by relogging your character.

The reward is available after 5 minutes of being in the game. Each time you click on a reward icon in system chat, a timer will be displayed until the reward is received.