Dear friends!
When creating a character, we decided to endow it with various bonuses for a more comfortable game.

Bonus Start:

Armor Honor.
Dragon Weapon lvl 1 24 hours
Blessed Necklace of Valakas 30 Days.
Ring Tauti 30 Days.
Earthworm Ring 30 Days.
Blessed Earring of Antharas 30 Days.
Earring Lindvior 30 Days.
Ring of Baium 30 Days. (Properties are the same as Baium's Soul Ring).
Queen Ant Ring 30 Days. (Properties are the same as Queen Ant's Soul Ring).
Powers of the Ruler 30 Days.
Packed: Supply Items (20k Charges)
Bloodied Talisman of Protection 8hr
PA - Brilliant lvl 5 24 hours
PA - Emerald 5 lvl. 24 hours
PA - Energy Stone 5 lvl. 24 hours
PA - Red Cat's Eye Lv. 5 24h
PA - Blue Cat's Eye Lv 5 24h
PA - Opal lvl 5 24 hours
PA - Lavianrose Brooch 24h
PA - Raw Dragon Skin Shirt 24h
Halloween Cloak 24h (Gives stats the same as nevit's cloak).
Talisman of Saiha lvl 6 24 hours
Exceptional Seed Bracelet lvl 1 24h
Bae Giesong Agathion Keychain 24h
Improved Bronze Bracelet 24h