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Server type - PvP

Game Chronicles: Master Class 3

Modification: Goddess of Shilen

The server is fully consistent with the official server (Server without add-ons)!

Every Tuesday from 10:00 to 11:00 Moscow time, the server has preventive work to improve equipment and server updates (Revisions)!

Daily server restart at 19:00 Moscow time!

Bonus Start ( Link )

[EXP/SP x1000] [Adena Drop x50] [Item Drop Chance x1] [Spoil Chance x1] [ Item Drop x1] [Spoil Drop x1][Raid Boss Drop x1] [Raid Boss Chance x1][Quest Item Rate x100]

Basic information:
Offline trading
Auto skill learning included.
World chat - 100 messages per day.
The minimum level to use world chat is 95.
Auto drop from mobs.
Allowed for reasoned items - trade / drop / sell.
The minimum level to use chat is 85.
All items sold to merchants do not bring adens.

Community board Alt-B (Community):

Three stores are fully developed for the PvP economy.
Game currency exchanger.
One click buffer (The Emperor's Special Cocktail).
The buff time is 60 minutes.
Purchasing a Premium Account.
Service with a decrease in the level of the character.
Profession, dual class and honorary noble status by quest. (Done very quickly).

Duration of the Olympiad: from 20:00 to 24:00 Moscow time.
Olympiad competitions Daily.
Non-class battles require 2 player registrations.
Class battles require 2 player registrations.
The minimum number of battles to receive a reward is 10.
There is no maximum sharpening limit.
The period of the Olympiad is 1 week. (Hiro's handout on Friday)

Premium Account:
[EXP/SP x2000] [Adena Drop x100] [Item Drop Chance x2] [Spoil Chance x2] [ Drop Item x2] [Drop Raid Boss x2] 
Chance to enchant +5%.
Pa Points (Do not fall in the PvP Zone).

Maximum Enchantment of Weapon/Armor/Jewellery - 30.

Chances of modification - Link

The carry weight limit is x100.
Maximum number of buffs 30.
Maximum number of dances/songs 25.
Maximum number of TriggeredBuff 25.
Maximum running speed 300.
Maximum physical attack 999999999.
Maximum magic attack 2000000000.
Maximum chance of physical. critical attack 500. The
maximum chance of magic. critical attack 500.
Maximum physical speed. attacks 1999.
Maximum speed magic. attacks 2500.
Max dodge 250.
Max HP 150000.
Max SP 500000000000.
Max character level 130.
Max fame 100,000,000.
The maximum amount of Adena is 9 999 999 999 999 999 (Be careful, when taking the limit, adena may disappear).
The number of days to wait before joining another clan is 0.

Server currency:

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

Lucky Coin : Used in the Community Board shop (Alt-b).
Buy this coin! You can donate real money.
The cost of 1 Coin of Luck
 = 10 Rub.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

Silver Einhasad Used in the Community Board Shop (Alt-b).
Can only be obtained in PvP locations (Overthrow).

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------