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Server type - PvE-HARD

Chronicle of the game: Master Class

The opening of the Hatos x10 server took place on December 18th!


The main qualities of our project:

Guaranteed protection against DDoS and hacking.

Everything can be achieved through play.

Extensive experience of administration in the field of Lineage.

Stable server work 24/7.

Great starter online!


Bonus Start  ( Link )

Bonus Voting  ( Link )

Blessed Armor of Honor ( Link )

Tarot ( Link )

Additional Knowledge Base ( Link )

Information about Epic Raid Bosses (Link)


Balanced rates for comfortable development of the hero.

The best server of 2021-2022  - the highest online among all Lineage 2 Master Class servers.

      By choosing our server for the game, you get a 100% guarantee of stable operation throughout the entire playing time.

The server is reliably protected from bots, and also has the most modern equipment to repel all types of DDos attacks. 

       A cozy atmosphere, a strong and stable economy, no purchased clans, high online solo players and the best implementation of the Master Class chronicles in Java await you.

       We took into account all the wishes of the players and the concept of this server will primarily be focused on massive every minute battles.

However, we have not forgotten about the players who like to farm locations and the Olympics.


Every Tuesday from 10:00 to 11:00 Moscow time, the server has maintenance work to improve the equipment and update the server (Improvements)!


Daily server restart at 5:00 Moscow time!

[EXP / SP x10] [Drop Adena x10] [Chance of Drop Item x2] [Chance of Spoil x2] [Drop Item x2] [Drop Spoil x2] [Drop Raid Boss x2] [Chance of Raid Boss x2] [Rate of Quest Items x10]

Basic information:
Monsters Champions x10 (1-130 level) (Dawn Crystal Drop Bonus).
Offline trading
Auto learning skill is disabled.
Random sharpening of monsters' weapons.
World chat - 100 messages per day!
The minimum level to use world chat is 95.

Community board Alt-B (Community):
Shop Fully Designed for PvE-Craft Economy.
Game currency exchanger.
Buying a Premium Account.
Profession, dual class, and honorable status as a nobleman on a quest. (Very fast.)

Duration of the Olympiad: from 20:00 to 24:00 Moscow time.
Olympiad Competitions Every Day.
Non-class battles require 2 player registrations.
Class battles require 2 player registrations.
The minimum number of battles to receive the reward is 10.
There is no maximum sharpening limit.
The period of the Olympics is 1 week. (Issued by Hiro on Friday)

Premium Account:
[EXP / SP x20] [Drop Adena x20] [Chance of Drop Item x4] [Chance of Spoil x4] [Drop Item x4] [Drop Raid Boss x4] 
Training camp.
Enchant rate + 5%.
Pa Points

Enhancement / ATT / Augmentation:
Maximum Enchant Weapon / Armor / Jewelry - 30.

Weapon / Armor / Jewelry / point chance:
(3-6) - 60% chance
(7-10) - 55% chance
(11-15) - 50% chance
(16-20) - 40% chance
(21-30) - chance 30%

Brooch / Artifact point chance:
(0-4) - 50% chance
(5-6) - 30% chance
(7-10) - 20% chance

Cloak / T-shirt point chance:
(0-4) - 50% chance
(5-6) - 30% chance
(7-10) - 20% chance

Agathion point chance:
(0-3) - 100% chance
(4) - 60% chance
(5) - 55% chance
(6) - 55% chance
(7) - 50% chance
(8) - 50% chance
(9 ) - 40% chance
(10) - 20% chance

Carried weight limit - x50.
The maximum number of buffs is 30. The
maximum number of dances / songs 15. The
maximum number of TriggeredBuff is 20. The
maximum running speed is 300. The
maximum physical attack is 999999999. The
maximum magic attack is 999999999. The
maximum chance of physical. critical attack 500.
Maximum chance magician. critical attack 200.
Maximum speed of physical. attacks 1500. The
maximum speed of the magician. attacks 1999.
Maximum dodge 250.
Maximum SP 500,000,000,000.
Maximum character level 130.
Maximum fame points 200,000.
The maximum amount of Adena is 9 999 999 999 999 (Be careful, when accepting the limit, adena can be lost).

New Content:
New Raid Bosses ( Link )
Epic Raid Bosses ( Link )
New Zones ( Link )
New Quests ( Link )


Server currency:

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

Luck Coin : Used in the Community Board Store (Alt-b).
Get this coin! You can donate real money.
The cost of 1 Coin of Luck
 = 10 rubles.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- gold coin Einhasad : use the Store  Einhasad .

You can get the Lower Level of the Tower of Insolence from the drops of monsters!

You can get the Medium Level of the Tower of Insolence from the drop of monsters!

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

Silver Einhasad Used in the Community Board store (Alt-b).
You can get it from the  Community Board (Alt-b) - Exchanger: 5,000,000 Aden .

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

Golden EinhasadUsed at the Community Board store (Alt-b).
You can get raid bosses in instance zones from the drop!

More about the drop - Link

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------